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A brief story of my life, my visions and future ambitions...More >>



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A brief story of my academic life in BUET, University of Tokyo, and Canadian institutions...More >>


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Featured Clips

Innovative Mobility Master Plan: Connecting Multimodal Systems with Smart Technologies (Disrupting Mobility Conference, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, USA, November 11~13, 2015)

Narrower Lanes, Safer Streets (Annual Conference, Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers, June 8, 2015)

Livable Neighbourhoods: A Recipe for Safer, Healthier, Age-friendly City (Urban Transportation Summit 2012)

Street for People: An Evidence-Based Bicycle Planning (Complete Street Forum 2011)

Towards a Clean Train Policy: Diesel vs. Electric (OCEPP)

Why we are scared at road intersections? (in progress)

Safer intersection without traffic signal? (in progress)

Urban streetscape increases safety?

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My Profession
Mobility Plan(ning+En)gineering, one of the most dynamic and challenging field of Engineering Science...More >>




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Most enjoyable and memorable part of life. Discovery of any original idea always exciting and bring personal confidence ...More >>




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Meet some of the renowned Bangladeshi and their remarkable success stories...More >>







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Air transport system information on research and resources to integrate SA air transport system...More >>


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An effort to integrate my knowledge on various field of Computer Aided Design and its application ...More >>




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 Transport Systems

ITS/Traffic Safety/


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