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Bangladesh Hall of Fame - Economist Dr. Amartya Sen

Dr. Amartya Sen - Nobel Prize Winner in Economics "for

 his contributions to welfare economics"

Dr Sen had been in the reckoning for the Nobel Prize for several years and many of his admirers felt he had been overlooked so far because of his outspoken criticism of the western model of economic growth which he felt had fallen short of achieving the welfare of the poor. His works are notable for a keen interest in how resources are distributed in society, with a focus on the poorest members, the citation said.

Dr Sen's studies on famine in India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Saharan countries found that shortage of food was not always the cause of such a catastrophe, it said. ``By analysing the available information about different individuals' welfare when collective decisions are made he has improved the theoretical foundation for comparing different distributions of society's welfare and defined new and more satisfactory indexes of poverty,'' the Swedish Academy said.
``In empirical studies, Dr Sen's applications of his theoretical approach have enhanced our understanding of the economic mechanisms underlying famines,'' the citation said.

Innovation: Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Royal Swedish Academy of Science said Dr Sen was chosen for his contribution to welfare economics. ``His contribution ranged from axiomatic theory of social choice over definitions of welfare and poverty indexes, to empirical studies of famine,'' the citation by the Academy said.


Awards: Dr Sen has served as President of the Econometric Society, the Indian Economic Association, the American Economic Association and the International Economic Association. He was formerly Honorary President of OXFAM and is now its Honorary Advisor.

Dr Sen is a Fellow of the British Academy, Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of the American Philosophical Society. Among the awards he has received are the “Bharat Ratna” (the highest honour awarded by the President of India); the Senator Giovanni Agnelli International Prize in Ethics; the Alan Shawn Feinstein World Hunger Award; the Edinburgh Medal; the Brazilian Ordem do Merito Cientifico (Grã-Cruz); the Presidency of the Italian Republic Medal; the Eisenhower Medal; and Honorary Companion of Honour (U.K.). In 1998, Dr Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.


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