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Econ Blogs

Smart Cookies
Naked Capitalism
Calculated Risk
Big Picture (Macro- focus)

Norris (NYT economics blog)

Marginal Revolution (Libertarian angle)

RGE Monitor  (Housing)
Abnormal Returns (Investing)

Wolfforum (Financial Times economics blog)

TypePad (liberal angle)

Money Coach



Banking/Credit/Reward Connections

TD Canada Trust - Convenient Banking, but conservative for loan

 Scotia Online - Liberal for loan

Royal Bank - RBC - The most disgusting Bank Service I have ever seen

CIBC Online - High Interest rate

MBNA Master Card - Very conservative credit company

Citi Master Card

PC Financial - Unlimited transaction, no fee, high interest

ING Direct- Unlimited transaction, no fee, high interest

Aeroplan - collect points to fly for free in Air Canada

American Express - High interest, give Airmiles

Bank of America

Air Miles - collect points to fly for free

Shoppers Optimum Point Card

Hbc Rewards- can convert to Airmiles


Consumer Protection / Safety

Money Tools (Consumer Agency, CA) - credit score

Credit Rating Agency - Equifax, TransUnion, Northern Credit Bureaus Inc.

Free Credit Report

Consumer Security - Fraud Squad TV

- Internet Crime Complaint Center

- Reporting Economic Crime on-line

- Nigerian Letter Scams - Consumer Union

Car Security - Car Proof,







Specialized Service Collections









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