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Dreaming for the Integrated South Asian Air Transport System
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Airline Database

Details of South Asian Airline performance.

Airport Database

South Asian airports and facilities database.
Accident Database

Details of South Asian accident and safety record.
Aircraft Database

Details of aircraft manufacturer information.

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My Vision for South Asian Air Transport

This website is dedicated to South Asian Airline industry, relevant information, network and research directed to the Integration South Asian Air Transport network.

Over the past few years, I have been trying to develop possible direction of future South Asian International and domestic network system. I believe South Asian network will flourish in near future in the similar giant airline network developed in USA and Europe.

SAARC countries together can develop large airline network by developing proper choice and position of Hub airport and appropriate Hub-Spoke system. This site contains available research developed on the South Asian Air Transport Network.

- Latest News -

Series of still airspace map images that demonstrate a day of air traffic.

Animation of all flight movements tracked by FlightAware during a 24-hour period in September, 2005.


Airlines In South Asia
  AfghanistanPublic -     
  Bangladesh Public - Biman Bangladesh
Private - GMG Airlines
  Bhutan Public Druk Air
  India   Public - Air India, Indian Airlines 
Private - Gujrat Airways, Jet Airways, Sahara India
  Maldives Public - Air Maldives
Private - 
  Myanmar Public - Myanmar Airways International (MAI)
Private - Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways
  Nepal Public - Royal Nepal Airlines
Private - Buddha Air, Gorkha Airlines, Necon Air, Skyline Airways, Yeti Airlines
  Pakistan Public - Pakistan Airlines
Private - Aero Asia, Bhoja Air Pte. Ltd., Shaheen Air International
  SrilankaPublic - Air Lanka

Accident History of Airlines in South Asia

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Airline Safety

Current research development on South Asian airline safety performance.

South Asian HubSpoke system

Research on future South Asian Air Transport network structure.
Air Transport Research in Bangladesh

Research report on domestic air transport system in Bangladesh.

Conferences on Air Transport System all over the world.
Publications on Air Transport system.

Reports on airline and air transport system from newspapers.

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Aircraft Parts and Design

World's largest commercial aircraft - Airbus 380




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