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Space Science


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My hobby is Astronomy. Unlike others, I always try keep in touch with real peoples instead of useless internet surfing or watching videos at home. I joined  an association club in Dhaka "Bangladesh Astronomical Association (BAA)" while studying in BUET. I entered in BAA association in 1992 as a simple member. Later

participated in "Comet Observation Workshop" and received a certificate!! My journey begins with two comet - "Comet Hayakutaka" - 1997, discovered by a Japanese amateur astronomer. In the same year, we arranged famous  "Hale-Bopp" comet observation camp. Space festival is our first effort to popularize astronomy in Bangladesh. In 1996, we organized first Space fest in Dhaka at BUET Campus where I worked as an assistant director. Before leaving Bangladesh, I set an another mark for BAA in BUET campus - established a BUET branch committee and served as a president till 1998. Our regular activity included Film show on Astronomy, special observation like Mars occultation, Jupiter's moon and many more.


To extend the astronomy practice in foreign residence Bangladeshi and to develop international network for Astronomy circle in Bangladesh, I will try to continue astronomy through my recently established website (Astronomy Site).


        Hobbies - Coin and Stamp Collection



Stamp Collection! It's my first hobby since second grade. My uncle used to send letter from Singapore (he is also our first relative went abroad for earning money!) and I was attracted to little 'colorful sticker' on the envelope corner. Now, I have more than 2,000 stamps although I am not collecting stamps anymore except rare stamps.
....More on Stamp Collection >>> Glassine Surfer :: :: Bob's Site ::  


Coin Collection! Still actively collecting coin or currencies, specially ancient coins. Some of my coin dated back to seventh century to more than 60 countries around the world. ....More on Coin Collection >>> Canadian Coin News :: Coin Books :: VCoins :: Ancient Coins :: Coin Site :: Coin Collecting :: Teleshere Numismatics :: Coin Club :: Kitco ::


        Hobbies - 3D modeling and digital simulation

Simulation and digital image! During my last job in Tokyo, my interest grows on digital image, more precisely 3D and simulation technology. Currently, I am learning transportation simulation software and 3D max and flash features techniques ....More>>>

        Hobbies - Traveling

      Places I Love

Won't You! - Acropolis, Necropolis, Bagerhat, Giza, Great China Wall, Machu Picchu, Mohenjodaro, Paharpur, Petra, Ellora & Ajanta, Easter and Galapagos Islands, Rhodes, Sunderban, Tahiti, Tibet... 

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Traveled more than 16 countries! Like Japanese, I become addicted to traveling within a very short period. In my school days, I used to read a lot of travel diaries, explorer stories. As a graduate student in Tokyo, I used to travel around the world to present my papers in international conferences, but I did not missed the chances to travel around the cities and countryside at the end of conference sessions. Although I spend a lot money for traveling but I never regret about travel spending. It gave me a lot of exposure, observed different culture and their lifestyle and make me a lot more open than I used to be in Bangladesh. ....More on travel experience and stories>>>

          Hobbies - Watching Sports

Cricket and Football! These two spots are on the top my favorite sports. Some we are mad about cricket. One of favorite exciting sporting event was ICC match when Bangladesh beat Kenya to become a test playing nation. My favorite football league is FA cup, Italian league, Spanish and Japanese J league.


. ....More on Cricket>>> BBC Cricket :: BBC Asia Cricket ::CricInfo :: :: TotalCricket :: Lords :: BanglaCricket :: BCC ::

 ....More on Footbal>>> BBC Football :: FIFA :: BFF :: ::

         Hobbies - Watching Quality Movies, Documentaries

Selected movies I would like watch more than one time

Favorite Movies (Bangla) - Ora egaro Jon, :: Jay Baba Felunath :: Sonar Kella :: Satyajit Ray Movies :: ...More on Movies>>

Favorite Movies (Hindi). Swades :: Rang De Basanti :: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai :: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge :: ...More on Movies>>

Favorite Movies (English).   :: The Persuit of Happyness :: Roman Holiday :: Father Goose :: For A Few Dollars More :: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ::

Favorite Movies (Other).:: Life is Beutiful :: ...More on Movies>>

         Hobbies - Reading

Reading Scientific History and great explorer stories!

The Persuit of Happyness. ....More on Reading>>>

        Hobbies - Freelance Writer

On Astronomy, Transportation and Science My childhood isolation on living in an airport area gave me a rare chance to explore technical writing skills. Although I am not good at language skill like a writer, but I have managed myself to concentrate on analytical thinking, reading background literature review, creating graphical design and finally writing some very informative and enjoyable article on Science, Astronomy and Transportation issues

. ....More on Writing>>> My Bangla article on Mars  Mars Small Family and Pluto Pluto - A Distance World

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