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Traffic Operation

Basic Components of Traffic Operation

Traffic-Stream Characteristics

Road Used and Vehicle Characteristics

Traffic Studies and Data Collection

   Basic Statistical Concepts

   Volume Studies

   Spot Speed Studies

   Curve Advisory Speeds

    Travel Time Studies

   Intersection Delay Studies

   Parking Studies

   Pedestrian Studies

   Accident Studies

Site Impact Studies

Documentation, Reporting & Presentations

Traffic Devices

Driver Information Needs

Fundamentals of Traffic Control Devices 

Traffic Signs

Pavement Markings and Delineation

Traffic Control Signals

Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings

Temporary Traffic Control Devices 

Intelligent transportation systems

Operation and Maintenance

Elements of Design

Functional Classification of Roads 

Vehicle Operating Characteristics 

Design Controls

Sight Distance 

Horizontal Alignment 

Vertical Alignment 

Cross Section Elements 

Intersection Layout/Elements

Freeway and Grade-separated Intersection Design

Traffic Safety

Crash Characteristics

Roadway Safety Concepts

Traffic Safety Improvement Programs

Pedestrian Safety

Intersection Safety

Roadside safety

Road Safety Reviews and Audits

Legal Liability

Interrelationship of drivers, non-motorized users, roadways and vehicle

Safety data analysis 

Safety countermeasures 

Safety hardware

Incident Management

Impact of Incidents on System Operation

Developing Traffic Incident Management Programs

Implementing Traffic Incident Management Programs

Operation and Maintenance Roles

Coordinating with Response Agencies


Performance Measures

Transportation Management

Traffic Signal Operations 

One-way Street

Reversible Lane Control

Turn Control and Treatments

Curb Lane Use Control

Traffic Calming and speed management

Multimodal Systems

Access Management

Managed lanes

Freeway Surveillance and Control  

Transportation demand management

Transportation Planning

Land use and transportation relationships 

Basic relationships (such as interaction between land use and transportation, modes, parking, functional classification)

Levels of scale (such as statewide, region, corridor, neighborhood, site)

Role of transportation in comprehensive planning

Context sensitive solutions

Growth management

Needs assessment for short- and long-range planning

Data collection (such as counts, surveys, census)

Planning considerations (such as safety, mobility, freight, security, management, operations, ITS)

Analysis of transportation data (such as peak spreading, origin-destination, transit rider ship, collisions)

Travel forecasting (such as generation, distribution, mode split, assignment, limitations)

Transportation facility and service need

Transportation system planning for short- and long-range goals

Plan development steps (such as goals, objectives, alternatives development)

Planning considerations (such as safety, mobility, freight, security, management, operations, ITS)

Public involvement and outreach

Transportation engineering concepts and principles

Characteristics and relationships among transportation modes

Transportation System Evaluation

Performance measurement (such as reliability)

Alternatives analysis (such as scale)

Evaluation methodology (such as economic, cost-benefit)

Capacity analysis (such as micro, macro)

Impact analysis (such as nexus)

Mitigation strategies (such as TDM, street improvement, TSM)

Public Policy

Social and institutional issues (such as equity, environmental justice, prioritization)

Analysis of impact of public policy on transportation systems (such as local codes, regional law, federal law)

Financing (such as sources, limitations)

Environmental analysis

Impact analysis (such as scale, plan, project, regulatory)

Types of impacts (such as air quality, wetlands, noise)

Process for environmental review

Plan implementation

Project prioritization and program development

Strategies (such as management, operations, safety, security, policy, TDM)

Performance monitoring


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