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 Using good engineering skills and holistic view on transportation planning, I focus on sustainable transportation practices, which is shaping our quality-of-life as a genuine indicator of livable society. I spent more than twelve years of his career in transportation and engineering working both in Japan and Canada. Besides my professional work, I share my experience through numerous public speaking and publish numerous publications focusing on the areas of demand and supply models for long-haul routes, transit planning and operational strategies, integration of transportation and land-use policies, sustainable traffic safety, and multi-modal transportation with special focus on active transportation issues.

 I received my Bachelor of Science in engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). On graduating, I was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Japan and took the opportunity to travel to Japan where I studied masters in transportation planning at the University of Tokyo and gained technical experience at two private companies. A few cornerstones of my Japanese general research experience include the development of new monorail system in Chiba, feasibility of new Maglev connection between Tokyo and Osaka, synchronized transit system of Japan Railways. At the second company (Nippon Hodo Co. Ltd., one of the largest Transport Infrastructure companies in Japan), I was also able to learn project management strategies, innovative planning and creative engineering skills from two largest infrastructure projects during 1990s - Haneda Airport and Ken-o-Do Expressway. Last company in Japan also taught me critical business development skills. I was greatly impressed by the Japanese work ethic and commitment to results, excellence, integrity and client satisfaction.

 After more than five years working in Tokyo, I came to Canada and received his M.A.Sc from Ryerson University in Transportation and Traffic Engineering. In 2008, I become a registered member Professional Engineering Ontario and certified as a Professional Traffic Operation Engineer, a widely recognized transportation professional designation in international arena.

 My international planning/engineering knowledge and strong sense of broad-ranging conceptual ideas have been helpful to gain local experience in Canada. I spent more than six years in Canada to develop innovative multi-modal transportation planning strategies, sustainable transit network and station planning principles, multi-layered transportation demand management concepts. Under my leadership in Oshawa, I was able implement some of these innovative and progressive transportation ideas into reality. 

 Continuous publication and public presentation have played a vital role in keeping me engaged and recognized within the transportation engineering and planning community in Canada and abroad. My published work and invited talks encompass the areas of transit planning and operational strategies, intersection traffic safety, active transportation and land-use planning, conceptual framework of complete street and mobility. Recently, my research work was published in Engineering Policy Journal (OCEPP) that recommended certain policy improvements towards rail electrification in Ontario, Canada. I played a critical role for winning Bicycle Friendly Community, a Bronze Designation, for the City of Oshawa.

 Recently, my interest has evolved from textbook-based to ‘out-of-box’ and inter-disciplinary techniques that incorporate ‘human’ element to the existing engineering and planning practices. The outcome of this experimentation is Durham Bike Summit and first Durham Mayor(s) Ride that will take place this summer to raise public awareness about the urgent need of sustainable transportation in the region. The planning of this summit was a challenge since it involved the participation of people from both public and private sectors as well as the support from the citizens of the Durham Region. However, my multi-faceted collaboration skills played a major role in overcoming those barriers and taking the summit from a concept to a reality. 

 I like to travel, reading scientific stories and history of human civilization. Whenever I have time, I don't miss the opportunity to travel. This gives me immense pleasure, a good opportunity to discover people of different nations, expand my acceptance power and diversify views to solve the problem in my personal and professional.

Enjoy my homepage and contact me if require any details regarding professionals issues or about my background.

Meaning of my name

Dewan - Arabic/Persian Origin: who loves to meet with people

Masud - African Origin: Fortunate

Karim - Arabic Origin: Generous (one of our creator name)

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