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     Air Transport

 South Asian
Air transport information on research and resources for integration SA air transport system... 

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        Traffic Safety

 Safety Issues
on highway and urban areas intersection safety, safety and GIS, general knowledge on safety and many ...More >>>


Super Highway

National highways and expressway research, new systems in highway and their history ...More >>>

       Pavement Design

Porous pavement
Recent research on road construction material research, cost-effectiveness .... More >>>

  Future of ITS


Explore future highway and transport systems, journals, research information....More >>>

Pile Design


Explore future highway and transport systems, journals, research information....More >>>

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Research Interests

* Air Transportation, Airline Network, Privatization and Deregulation
Traffic Safety, GIS Application for Intersection Accident, ITS Safety

* Urban mass transit systems, para-transit

* ITS applications - ATIS, ATMS,  AHVS, Dynamic Route Guidance..


        Intersection Traffic Safety Research



Risk Evaluation Model for Traffic Accident at Signalized Intersections
Opting the arm-base approach, this study develops the logic for the most frequent types of angle accident at four-legged signalized intersections. Based on the relationship between the disturbance and drivers reactions, this study illustrates several models to enumerate the liaison between accident frequency and some explanatory variables which covered both flow and design characteristics of the intersection using Negative Binomial to counter the overdispersion ....More >>>


        Intersection Safety and GIS platform

Development of a Prototype GIS Model for Intersection traffic safety
This study classified intersection accidents into twelve classes and try to find out the reason and countermeasures for major types of intersection accident using existing risk evaluation model with the help of GIS tools. Finally, application of GIS using existing accident risk models allows the management to handle the high -risk intersections successfully to lessen the accident frequency and continuously monitoring of this urban malaise....More >>>

        Air Travel Demand Modeling (Bangladesh)

Air Travel Demand Model for Domestic Air Transportation

This study addresses the present condition of air transportation in Bangladesh by analyzing the operation and level of service of the system, demand and supply structure and the network configuration. For the planning of infrastructure development and service improvement of domestic air transportation in Bangladesh, a couple of models have been developed in the paper. ...More >>>

          Liberalization of Air Transportation

Potential of Privatization of Air Transportation
Realizing the potential of air transportation in the country and region, a number of private airline companies have started their operation which results in a better and competitive market. The study focuses on the impacts of privatization on aviation industry of Bangladesh and presents a comparison among various private and public airline companies and analyses their problems and provides some guidelines for their development. ...More >>>

         Integrated South Asian Air Transport

Gains from the Liberalization of South Asian Air Transport
The marked economic growth of the South Asian countries is paving the way for the development of a potential Hub and Spoke air transport system for this region. This paper addresses the present condition and future potentiality of air transportation in the South Asia region by analyzing the scope of potential Hub-and-Spoke air transport system, the level of facilities, the air travel passenger and freight demand structure, and the network shape and its configuration....More >>>

         Road Construction and Pedestrian Safety

Effect of Skid-resistance on Pedestrian Safety
Studies of pedestrian safety have revealed that the polishing of roadstone is a major factor in skidding; for this reason the road surfaces play an important role in the maintenance of traffic safety, in pedestrian sidewalks  maintenance and construction....More >>>

        Porous Pavement for Expressway

Highway Safety and Porous Pavement Design
Improved design methodology and construction procedure gives a new countermeasure highway safety. Improved design increases visibility during bad weather, reduces cost of drainage, and improves overall highway safety performance....More >>>

        Uncertainty in Pile Design Parameter

Effect of Uncertainty for Pile Embedded in Soft Clay
This study reveals the effect and nature of uncertainty in pile design. Considering p-y curve model this study develops a statistical model to present the effect of uncertainty in pile design ...More >>>








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